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Make Sure Your Online Video Brings Your Small Business High Quality, Qualified Leads

Low Cost & Highly Effective

Web searchers around the world and even here in little old Sydney Australia, are loooonnnging to find local small businesses and services they can trust. Are you a small business marketing on the Internet? Q: How can you help web searchers connect you and your quality service? A: Simple web videos with YOU talking.  ... and I hope you are trustworthy, because viewers will make their judgement in 7 seconds! :-) Don't panic - there is a particular sequence and approach that will help you in your goal. And that is my gift to you. Download it as my bonus today.

Increased Conversions

If you have been just relying on the words on your website page to get leads to get in touch with you, you will be stunned by how much more effective my 'simple web video' systems are.  Typically a good text based offer might have a 2% click-through rate.... Many online video based offers have at least a 500% better response rate. Imagine what that could do for your business!

Build Your Prospect Database

A small business's value these days is often measured by the how many prospects/leads/customers you have on your database. My online video based marketing systems allow you to build your database on auto-pilot. Imagine being able to email out an offer and immediately pick up sales from your loyal subscribers to have grown to know, like and trust you.... Talk to us today about how we can help set this up for your business.

A Professional You Can Trust

My name is Daryl Brown. An Online Marketing Consultant and Video Marketing Specialist. I help small to medium sized enterprises (especially service based businesses) leverage their marketing time and dollars by setting up low-cost, highly effective, custom web video marketing systems.  I have worked with a wide range of business types from removalists, property investors, business coaches, hair stylists, financial advisors to air conditioning installers.  There is virtually no business that will not benefit from an effective online video strategy.

    What Is Online Video Marketing?

Let me show you why video marketing is so influential and why you ought to implement a web video marketing strategy as a part of your marketing plans. Businesses are currently spending more money advertising on the internet than they are on TV. YouTube has more than 20 hours of video uploaded every single minute. People are presently spending more time watching videos on the web than watching TV. YouTube is so popular that more than 1 billion videos are being watched daily.It's no wonder that video marketing is quickly becoming one of the most widespread mediums on the internet today. There is no other medium that compares to the efficacy this visual tool produces for your marketing purposes. You run the risk of being left behind by your competitors if you should decide that video marketing is not that crucial to your marketing campaigns.    

So what exactly is online video marketing and why is it so popular?

The concept of video marketing is centered on publicizing and uploading content for videos and delivering it to the internet. Google's universal search feature greatly impacts the universal popularity of videos as worthwhile tactics for marketing campaigns.In 2007, Google introduced universal search. Which meant that as you typed your keywords into Google the results the search engine delivered were not merely webpages, but also photos and video too. Key in any search directly into Google and you will most likely discover that particular image and video result listed high on Google, often ahead of heavy-weights like Amazon. This pronounced location of video clips posted near the top of Google's search results has contributed to the explosion in video marketing for SEO goals.

Video is an influential SEO tool. People love video as much as Google loves it. Video outdoes text way more due to the visual element. Whatever you want to describe you will explain much better with online video. If you want to show your potential customers how something works and describe it in a clear and concise manner, nothing conveys information better than utilizing a video platform. Provide stimulating content and you'll begin to draw viewers into your sales funnel and build a rapport with them.

Businesses utilize online video marketing cost free as a way to get high rankings in Google to establish sales and create a buzz for their information or product. It's an excellent way to take the lead ahead of your competitors and increase your business reputation. It's predictable then that many businesses are taking advantage of the competitive edge they can gain from video marketing.

There are many free tools available to assist you in creating video content at zero cost. Since this past year, video has come to be extremely prevalent and will merely go on to expand more in popularity in the future. Video has the power to influence the masses at a worldwide level for virtually no cost. No other medium is so omnipresent. The ROI is immense relative to other conventional internet promotional mediums.

If you haven't started employing web video marketing into your campaigns, consider this. It doesn't bother you that potentially thousands of people are watching your competition online instead of you and amassing a ton of sales everyday?