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The Prinicpal staff of Brown Cow Media are uniquely geared up to assist small to medium business to take advantage of the ‘coming of age’ of online video in tandem with proven Search Engine Optimisation and Direct Marketing strategies. Gone are the days where a retainer just pays for the minutes of the last marketing meeting. These guys are practical hands on track record kinda guys. Brown Cow projects are strategic yes, but also very specific in terms of actions and results.

Our Story

Based in Sydney, New South Wales, we are one of Sydney’s best professional website design companies. Whether you need a basic website design or a custom e-commerce website, the chances are excellent that Brown Cow Media Marketing Solutions can help you increase your company’s visibility and improve its graphic image. Brown Cow Media Marketing Solutions is a full service provider of custom website design and web site programming including lead generating and e-commerce website development. With an award-winning staff of professional web designers, we can assist you with everything from your logo design to your custom website design and development, including flash design, video development, virtual spokesperson creation, image galleries, catalogs, blogs, newsletters, and much more. So whether you need your first website developed, or would like to redesign and improve your current website, give us a call at 1-300-437-880.

We Understand Your Needs

Our team takes the time to research and understand the market that is being entered and develops a strategy that will result in success. Our Web sites are not “cookie cutter” Web sites, but unique business portals that will leave a lasting impression on anyone that sees them. While many designers end their commitment with the launch of the design, our partnership is just beginning.

Leading Edge Technology

We help our clients connect with their target audience on a deeper level, creating compelling content that inspires opinions and encourages interaction. Effective design does more than just present information, it shapes the way we identify with it – usually with no thought at all. We believe design makes the difference. Our work reflects it and our client’s testimonials confirm it.

Unparalleled Online Marketing Results

Bringing together every aspect of a well constructed web design and vast knowledge of the Internet. Here at Brown Cow Media Marketing Solutions, we aspire to bring the highest quality product and designs to our customers. Have your affordable website designed by professionals who have the experience and resources to put together an extensive, detailed website, without the high costs or wait periods associated with “from the ground-up” website development. With our passionate conviction for creating highly interactive, yet intuitive user interfaces, we are working to redefine the standard for interactive design and development. We pride ourselves on developing impressive user experiences that are entertaining
and effective—elegant and functional.


Daryl Brown

Director/Editor and Digital Film Maker – Daryl Brown has more than 25 years experience in the broadcast and video communications industry. He has a strong track record in all creative aspects of production – from script writing (informational and motivational videos through to feature length docu-dramas), directing (corporate, docu-drama through to multi-cam magazine-style television) and editing (tvc’s, corporate showtapes to documentaries and drama). His work has broadcast nationally on all 3 commercial networks as well as on cable.


Daryl has written and produced more than 500 a/v’s and corporate videos. His repertoire also includes the productions of both a promotional and informational nature for businesses and community groups. He has worked on projects for Australia Post, NECA, Fujitisu, Hardwarehouse, VW, Friends Provident, Neways, AANA, 2GB, 2CH as well as Lifeline, YMCA, Wesley Mission and Rotary International.

The combination of his Broadcast Television skills and his broad-based skills developed under the cost-conscious demands of his work in the not-for-profit sector position him with a unique skill set for the development of cost-effective yet high quality online video production strategies.


His background in a previous life as a manager of a small production driven advertising agency gives him an added depth of understanding of client relations, marketing, demographics and the art of crafting a message to achieve a specific purpose. With a keen interest in all things Marketing and always looking at ways to fully exploit video technologies on the internet, Daryl is on a continuing journey to master the complexities of internet marketing, studying the teachings and systems of great internet marketing gurus like Frank Kern, Richard Schefren, Paul Lemberg, Jeff Walker, Andy Jenkins, Mike Koenigs and Australia’s own Ed Dale.

To get Daryl working on your online video marketing project email him now Daryl@browncowmedia.com.au

The staff at Brown Cow Media is long on experience with a wide set of skills. We are on top of the latest trends so we can avoid the gimmicks and utilize what is working.

We love what we do.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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